Aures Iho-ja Korvaeläinlääkärit

If your pet has allergy symtoms, itching, claw problems or ear inflammations, we can help you.

Aures iho- ja korvaeläinlääkärit is a small animal veterinary clinic specialized in skin and ear diseases. Our experienced veterinarians can help you with your pets skin, allergy and ear problems.

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Our veterinarians are Kirsti Schildt, Katja Kyröläinen and Lotta Pänkälä. They have all been working with dermatology patients for a long time.

Kirsti is the first Finnish veterinarian to be a European diplomate in veterinary dermatology.

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You can see our available appointments and make a booking using this link. If you can’t find a suitable time or service, you can call us on 09 3152 6000.

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Our veterinary clinic is located in Malmi, Helsinki. The address is  Takoraudantie 6 and we are open on weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm. 

We wish that you bring your pet’s previous patient history with you.


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