Price list

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Veterinary visits for skin or ear patients


Skin and ear samples

The cytologic samples, skin scrapings and/or hair samples taken are included in the price. 

Diplomate fee

Kirsti Schildt is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Dermatology. Visits to her cost 40 euro per hour in addition to the basic price.

Veterinary visit 30 min 225 € +

diplomate fee (Kirsti Schildt) 20 €

  • acute skin or ear inflammation
  • check-up visit
  • examination of skin lumps. Histopatologic examination of fine needle aspirate + 135 €, price of fine needle aspirate included in the veterinary visit.
Veterinary visit 45 min 298 € +

diplomate fee (Kirsti Schildt) 30 €

  • acute ear and skin symtoms
  • acute skin or ear inflammation, examination with sedation or iv anesthesia
  • acute skin or ear problem, fearful pet
  • chronic ear problems without other skin symtom
Veterinary visit 60 min 368 € +

diplomate fee (Kirsti Schildt) 40 €

  • chronic/recurring or widespread/severe skin and/or ear problem, first visit

Video otoscopy / Ear flush

Inhalation anesthesia and anesthetic drugs included in the price
Bookings for ear flushes and video otoscopy can be made by calling us at 09 3152 6000

Ear flush / video otoscopy including anesthesia 738 €

  • Risk anesthesia fee: price estimate given based on the case
  • Big dog fee 50 € ( >50 kg )
  • Giant dog fee 100 € ( >70 kg )

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) of ears

Bookings for CBCT can be made by calling us at 09 3152 6000

CBCT of ears when done at the same time as video otoscopy and ear flush 

20 €

CBCT of ears with sedation or iv anesthesia 

370 €

CBCT of ears, pet intubated

475 €

CBCT of ears and ear examination with sedation or iv anesthesia

400 €

CBCT of ears and ear examination, pet intubated

500 €

Biopsies from the skin

The price includes the histopathologic examination, sampling and possible local anesthetics and anesthetic drugs used for the procedure

Biopsy with sedation 580 € +

diplomate fee (Kirsti Schildt) 40 €

Biopsy with local anesthetics 480 € +

diplomate fee (Kirsti Schildt) 40 €

Distance consultation

Distance consultations are for owners of pets who have already visited us.

15 minutes   70 €
30 minutes   110 €


The costs for inhalation anesthesia are included in the price for video otoscopy/ear flush. 

Sedation or iv anesthesia 65 € + anesthetic drugs used

Risk anesthesia fee: price estimate based on the case 

Saturday prices 

On Saturdays there is an additional fee that is 50 % of the price for the veterinary visit:

Veterinary visit 30min + 70 €
Veterinary visit 45min + 94 €
Veterinary visit 60min + 117,50 €

A video otoscopy/ear flush costs + 150 € extra on Saturdays.


How to pay:

  • bank or credit card
  • cash
  • ResursBank – if you want to use this payment method, we recommend that you make an application for credit before the visit. You can do this by sending the code ELÄIN to number 18311. You  will then get a link to the credit application form from ResursBank.

We have direct settlement contracts with the following insurance companies: If, Pohjantähti and OP Pohjola.

VAT is included in all prices.